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Precision Copper Pieces



Precision Copper Pieces
Rotor short circuit ring, copper bar and protection ring are the components of the cage rotor in an asynchronous motor. To ensure the performance and service life of motor, especially the high-temp, heavy-load and high-speed working environment of the high-power cage asynchronous motor has a high and strict requirements on the material chemical compositions, electric properties, physical and mechanical properties and geometric accuracy.

Precision copper pieces researched, developed and manufactured by Huaxing Company is processed by integration technology, like copper and copper alloy casting, plastic forming, heat treatment, precision machining etc. Main performance index reaches domestic advanced level. The products are widely applied in traction motor for high-speed railway, city metro, high-power electric locomotive and special motors for wind power generation, thermal power generation, ship, oil exploitation industries etc.


Copper Alloy Material
Brass, aluminum bronze, silver copper and various kinds of copper alloy materials etc. are available.


Copper Pipe, Copper Bar
Various specifications of T2 copper pipe, copper bar etc. are available.



Oxygen-free copper plate
Various kinds of oxygen-free copper plates are available.
(Thickness <200mm)

Integral and Spiral Steel Fin Tube
The Integral and Spiral Steel Fin Tube is an enhanced heat transfer element with new structure and integrated functions. Using seamless tube as raw material, fins and tube are integrated by hot rolling process. The structure avoids heat transfer resistance and providing high thermal conductivity. It obtained technical approval of China standardization Committee on Boilers and Pressure Vessels, and can be applied in the industrial fields of boiler, heat exchanger and heating furnace.


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