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Copper Tab Block for Metallurgy (Reduction Furnace)

The project original lead smelting process is adopted as the oxygen bottom blowing blast furnace reduction smelting…

The project original lead smelting process is adopted as the oxygen bottom blowing blast furnace reduction smelting, but this process is discontinuity operation, The high temperature heat amount in the lead slag hasn’t used fully, large energy consumed, and the traditional blast furnace converting process has serious pollution and low automatics etc. problems, so the blast furnace converting process has changed into advance side reduction furnace. 

The side reduction furnace is formed by copper tap blocks into rectangle shape, the cooled forming slag layer on the surface of copper tap block protects from wash and corrosion of slag. Although the heat loss of copper tap block would be larger than refectories, the unit energy consumption of smelting is still keeping in a lower level. Shantou Huaxing copper tap block applies forged pure copper slab direct drilling, CNC machine, argon arc welding etc. processes for manufacturing. 

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