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Huaxing Company provides the design, R&D and manufacture service of copper cooling equipments for lower electrode and furnace body of the large ferroalloy electrical arc furnaces (submerged arc furnac
Rotor short circuit ring, copper bar and protection ring are the components of the cage rotor in an asynchronous motor...
IntegralandSpiralSteelFinTubeTheIntegralandSpiralSteelFinTubeisanenhancedheattransferelementwithnewstructureandintegratedfunctions. Usingseamlesstubeasrawmaterial,finsandtubeareintegratedbyhotrollingp
Contact clamp is applied to steel-smelting electric arc furnace, uses forged copper plate drilled structure, great cooling effect…
Copper Cooling Stave is applied to coal chemical gasification furnace, uses on the cooling position of furnace body vaporization chamber…
This project is applied for melting of chromites and ferroalloy electric arc furnace,the gas-off is used for collect gas and burned outcome…
Bottom ring is applied for melting of industrial silicon and Ferrosilicon furnace, it’s mainly for protection for pressure ring on the top surface…
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